I’m a VIP, yo.


There were so many pigeons on St. Stephen’s Green that I had to say “I am a VIP, yo!” in order to walk through the park. They wouldn’t move away from me because they were domesticated. They let me get so close I was only an inch away.   Domestication mean the pigeons are used to being around people. Pigeons have been domesticated for over 10,000 years. The Egyptian hieroglyphics mention domesticated pigeons 5,000 years ago.  “I’m a VIP, yo!”


3 thoughts on “I’m a VIP, yo.

  1. Do you know that pigeons are sometimes called “Squab?” Isn’t that a funny name?
    I sure didn’t know they have been domesticated for that long. Keep the interesting facts coming. I like to learn new things, too!

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