Statues or humans?

FullSizeRender (1)

These men are ether metal or flesh and bones. The way to find out is to put money in their jar. What happens is that the men say “thank you” and maybe even change their position to show that they are real. Why are they allowed to be on Grafton Street in Dublin preforming for money, one may ask. The reason why street performers in Dublin are allowed to do so is because they have paid 30 euros to preform on the streets. These permits last for about a year. Also if their performance includes an amplifier there is an extra 60 euros leading to 90 euros for that person or group. I thought that it was pretty cool that people could make themselves look so much like statues.


6 thoughts on “Statues or humans?

  1. Very interesting! We saw something like that in Victoria, BC, a man appeared to be made of plaster, and he was able to remain perfectly still. If you put something into his bucket, however, he would tip his hat or shake your hand. I didn’t know they did that in Ireland! Thanks for sharing.

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