It’s a long way to the top.

FullSizeRender-5Right when I walked in our apartment in House 37 on New Square at Dublin’s Trinity College, I noticed that the ceiling was very high. I estimated that it would take 3 and half of me to reach the top! I thought the ceilings were built so high so that people could let spiders live in their houses and have parties or that the Irish people who lived a long time ago were ten feet tall. My mom researched old buildings and discovered that buildings were built to disperse heat and light from the enormous windows before the widespread use of electricity. Then I researched all the buildings on New Square and I discovered that each house was 44 feet tall. Because each house has 3 floors, I divided 44 by 3. That means each floor is 14.6666667 feet high. We asked the tour guide at the front gate when House 37 was built. He said it was built in 1860 and that Samuel Beckett, the world-famous Irish playwright, lived there.


10 thoughts on “It’s a long way to the top.

  1. I bet spiders DO have parties up there. They try to have parties in our house, and our ceilings are only 8 feet high. Do they have ceiling fans there?

  2. No ceiling fans, but the windows do have cord on pulleys so that you can lower just the top of the window. Pretty cool.

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