A Viking’s Home

FullSizeRender-8Vikings arrived in Ireland around 800 AD. They constructed a fort (settlement) that they called Dubh Linn or Black Pool, now called Dublin. More Vikings arrived and made the settlement bigger. Viking houses had thatched or turf roof and turf walls. Usually Viking houses had one room for eating, sleeping, hanging out, and cooking. Their seats during the day turned into their beds at night. There were no bathrooms in the Viking houses. Instead, the Vikings used cesspits in the backyard, which were just holes in the ground surrounded by fences. The Vikings had no toilet paper so they used moss.

Fun fact: Viking helmets had no horns. The reason why we think that is because the monks in the monasteries drew pictures of the Vikings with horns so they looked more like the devil since the Vikings raided the monasteries.

The pictures are from the Viking Splash Tour. We learned a lot about Dublin while touring on an amphibious vehicle. The tour guide was very funny.



14 thoughts on “A Viking’s Home

  1. I thought, at first, you were eating your way through Ireland but see you have moved past yummy looking desserts! Not successful printing out the pages as they appear on the monitor. Perhaps there is a way – I’ll be going back to Apple store – still trying to sort out some “problems” with this computer. I know, I know, the problem is probably with ME! But I still need to sort them out. Enjoying my daily chapter of your adventures. You might expand your followers – I’m sure Cathy, Gail and Sara would enjoy or else I’ll hear complaints and, as you all know, I hate complaints! “See” you tomorrow!

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