The Legend of Finn McCoul – Update!

One day I was walking in the playground and saw a wooden giant that was buried in the ground. This reminded me of the legend of Finn McCoul.

Finn McCoul was the biggest and strongest giant in Ireland who built the Causeway.

One day a messenger came and gave Finn McCoul a note that said Angus, who was the biggest and strongest giant in Scotland, was going to fight with him.

Scots invade Ireland for UEFA match 6/13/15

(Author’s note: This is the same thing that happened to me in the playground two days ago!)

Finn McCoul had no problem with this. The next day Finn’s wife, Oonagh, told him that Angus was the biggest and strongest giant in the world and that he was two times bigger than Finn. Then Finn got worried.

That night Oonagh and Finn stayed up all night sewing enormous baby clothes.

The next morning, Finn dressed up like a baby. When Angus knocked on their front door, Oonagh opened it.

Angus said, “Where is Finn McCoul?”

Oonagh said that Finn was walking in the woods. Then the baby (AKA Finn) began to cry.

Angus said, “What is that?”

Oonagh said that it was their baby.

When Angus saw the baby, he got scared imagining how big the father must be if that was the size of his baby.

Angus ran out of the castle and crossed the Causeway as fast as he could.

The End.

This is an image of the Giant’s Causeway, which according to legend, Finn McCoul built.  I didn’t take this picture, but I wish I did.


6 thoughts on “The Legend of Finn McCoul – Update!

  1. Glad you are getting your rock climbing exercise! I don’t know if the poor guy is winking at someone or suffering under the pressure of having you on his head! How is the weather? Ireland is supposed to be so green because of all the rain or mist but the Fulton-Wright family does not seem to be wearing rain gear. I am enjoying the pictures but have been unable to download/or print them as they are presented.

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