What’s on the Wall

IMG_7335Today Van, my mom, and I were walking on a street by the River Lee in Cork when we noticed that flowers and ferns were growing on the wall beside us. The ferns were growing on the side that faced north. The flowers were facing the sky and the side that faced south. I think the reason why the ferns were only facing north is because there is more shade. My mom told me that there are more shadows on the north side of things.

About the fern

IMG_7333The fern that I’m writing about is called Maidenhair Spleenwort. It’s Latin name is Asplenium Trichomanes. It is known for growing on walls. Native Americans and others used Maidenhair ferns to treat a wide variety of ills. Ferns don’t have seeds or flowers.

How it reproduces

The Maidenhair has little things called spores underneath its leaves. The spores ripen between September and October. When they ripen they turn into a fine powder and the fern catapults the spores. The wind carries them away. The spores find crevices and form into a fern. Usually the crevices that are rich with lime produce a good habitat for the ferns.

I think that it is cool that they can grow vertically on walls.


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