The Titanic

The other day we saw a model of the Titanic in the Cork Public Museum. We thought it was very cool.

The Titanic

A model of the Titanic at the Cork Museum


The bow of the ship

The reason why the Titanic has anything to do with Cork is that Cork or Cobh (pronounced cove) was the last stop until they got to America.

123 people from Cork or Cobh boarded the Titanic. 113 were third class, 7second class and 3first class. Cork was also the place were they got all the food for the passengers.

The Titanic was 269 meters long and it weighed 52,310 tons. She was launched May 31, 1911. She left Cobh April 11, 1912, 3 days later she sank.

The Titanic was built in Belfast, in Northern Ireland where the Giants Causeway is.


A view of the stern


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