Blarney Castle Part 1: The Stone

Blarney Stone is a stone with a long story. I will only tell the part involving Blarney Castle.


Lena strategies her defensive position at Blarney Castle

The McCarthy family owned Blarney Castle. They ruled southern Ireland. One day the head of the family had to go to court because he might lose his land. He had to talk to Queen Elizabeth I to keep his land. He asked a goddess what he should do.

The goddess said to kiss the first stone that he sees. He did so and later he won the case against him with eloquence. Later a witch told him that a stone would give whoever kissed it eloquence. Then he got the stone and he put it in his castle. People would come to kiss it as they were told they would get the gift of eloquence. And that is the story.

Van kisses the Blarney Stone

Van kisses the Blarney Stone

There is another story that said that Cormac McCarthy sent 5,000 men to help Robert the Bruce win against the English in 1314, a piece of the stone was give to Cormac McCarthy. The Blarney Stone was called the Stone of Destiny.

The Blarney Stone is located at the very top of the Castle, 90 feet off the ground. To kiss the stone you have to lay down on your back, grab two metal bars, lean/slide back and kiss the bottom stone.  It was a little scary but very fun.


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