About Blarney Castle

FullSizeRender-22When I walked up to Blarney Castle it was way bigger than what I saw in the pictures.


The spiral staircase

Blarney Castle in real life looks like a giant built it because there are humongous rocks in the castle walls. The castle is built on top of a big cliff. In the cliff there is a cave, called Badger’s Cave, which has tunnels that leads to Kerry, Cork, and to the lake nearby. When I explored the caves I saw big fat spiders. It was wet, dark, and cold. The tunnels were so dreadful that I didn’t want to continue.

The first building on the site was a wooden structure built around 1210 AD. This was replaced with a stone structure that was 12 feet high. That was demolished and then a third structure was built and that was the castle that I climbed up. Going up the castle was fun and scary because the spiral staircase was so steep and narrow that they had to put rope so that people could pull themselves up it. It was made out of stone. The staircase was designed so that you had to walk up clockwise, so that enemies couldn’t use their right hand to fight with their swords if they got into the castle.

So high!

The castle was built by Dermot McCarthy, King of Munster, in 1446. A guy from Scotland gave half of a block of limestone to the McCarthys.   This was called the Blarney Stone. It was stored on the very top of the castle, the last stone supporting the top.

You might not think that kissing the Blarney Stone is that scary, but it is for some people because you are about 90 feet off the ground and if you fall you’d break your neck.


3 thoughts on “About Blarney Castle

  1. Interesting story, thanks for sharing. I always thought there were leprechauns running around Ireland; have you learned anything about them at all?

  2. love the part about the stairs and the difficulty fighting as a right hander – did NOT like the part about the fat spiders!!

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