The Atlantic Ocean


This weekend we went to the Dingle Peninsula.


Slea Head Drive

We drove along the cliffs on a road called the Wild Atlantic Way. It was weird because if you crashed toward the hill you would crash on a rock. If you crashed the other way, you would go into the sea.  I wasn’t scared because I knew that my dad wasn’t going to crash, but my mom was very frightened.

If you took a ship straight across the ocean, you would end up in Newfoundland in Canada.

If you took a ship from Virginia straight across the ocean you would end up in an island called Maderia, Portugal.  If you kept going you would end up in Morocco.


A little cave filled with cairns

I like being so far north because it makes the summer days longer.

When we were driving along the cliffs, we saw a beach on the bottom.  We hiked down to it.  It looked like a beach in the Caribbean because the water was teal-colored, but it felt like the north pole because it was so rainy and windy.  The wind felt like it was going to blow me away.

In one little cave, we saw about 50 towers that looked ancient.  There were bigs ones and small ones placed all over the base of the cliff.  They are called cairns.


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