Blarney Castle Part 3: The Fairy Glade

“It is a very good thing not to be in any way in dread of the fairies, for without doubt they have then less power over a person; but to make too free with them, or to disbelieve in them altogether, is as foolish a thing as man, women, or child could do.”
Quote from The Legend of Knockfierna in Irish Fairy Legends by T. Crofton Croker

IMG_7776The Fairy Glade at Blarney Castle is said to host fairies. Fairies are mischievous creatures. Back in olden times people used to say that fairies would kill people. There once was a man who murdered his wife because he believed that she was raised by fairies. Fairies used to trade sickly fairy babies for healthy human babies. You would be very unfortunate to find a fairy while traveling. A fairy might trick you into doing something dangerous.

IMG_7777Today, fairies are gentle. In 2007 there was a professor in England who took pictures of real fairies. Also, two girls said that they used too play with fairies in the woods in their backyard. They even took pictures of “real” fairies. Later one of the girls confessed that the fairies were cut out of picture books.

I, personally, think that fairies are real because I saw something small and tiny fly in the fairy glade. A common fairy hiding spot is a foxglove (type of flower) because the crimson caps that they fairies where crimson caps would make them look like the flowers on the foxglove.


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