Sheep hanging out at Bunratty Castle

Sheep an be seen everywhere around Ireland. The most common sheep breed in Ireland is the Blackface Mountain breed. Why? The breed is very hardy and can put up with strong winds and cold weather. Another breed is the British Milk sheep. This breed produces milk.

Aine Accessories

The reason why you don’t see that much commercial agriculture in Ireland is because it is way too rainy for plants, way too many hills and because the soil is not easy to plow. To me instead of trying to grow crops when you know they will fail, your only answer is to raise sheep and cows.

There are many companies that produce wool products. One woman has a company named Aine (Anne, in the Irish language pronounced Anya). She is a textile artist. She uses yarn from Donegal Yarns. Donegal Yarns processes their yarn in Donegal, Ireland.

One reason why wool is important in Ireland is because it is very rainy and cold and wool keeps you warm even when you are wet.

I like sheep because they are very cute.


6 thoughts on “Wool

  1. Surprised at lack of produce farming. Ireland is supposed to be green, figured all that rain would be good for crops.

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