Soccer Camp

This week we went to a soccer camp. We meet the Galway United professional soccer team. In Europe, people call soccer football. Ireland has a special sport called Gaelic Football. Instead of calling the sport football they call it Gaelic for short, probably because they call soccer football. At the camp we did lots of tournaments. The last day our team placed third. One day my team placed second. The way we played at the camp was different then the way we played at home. One of the reasons why it was different was, in the US, the coaches wouldn’t give you candy at 10:15 in the morning. Another reason was, in the US the coaches wouldn’t allow slide tackling. They would probably give you a red card. At the camp when it rained you would go inside. In Academy in Harrisonburg you probably would play on unless it thundered or there was lightning. I really liked it when we got candy in the morning. Especially on the first day when one of the coaches came around with cookies during lunch. Even though I got hurt many times, it still was fun. Van said that the camp wasn’t a soccer camp, it was more like rugby camp because people tackled so much. One of the boys shot the ball so hard during a penalty kick he broke the fence surrounding the field. All together Van and I have 11 bruises, Van has 5 and I have 6.

I had to face a bully during the first day of camp, and my mom had to drive us there and it was her first time driving on the left side of the road. I think she did a great job.


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