First Day on the Beach

An incredible start, but a bit crispy before noon.

  Yesterday the kids and I spotted this unusual pattern in the sand.  Of course Lena had to learn about what made that special pattern…

  Live sand dollars!  En espanol, estrella del mar (we met a sweet 6-year-old who shared some words).  Not being a cruel person Lena immediately buried the poor creature again.  But being the obsessive beach comber that I am, I now know that beach time will not be spent just lounging around.

  We started hunting early in the day.  Van found a track he wanted to follow.  

 It was an amazing design.

   The morning was misty, then was clear, then it rained… And the ocean was calm and peaceful.

Lena stalked a crab.


  Then we found a tidal pool, filled with awesome creatures including these anemone.  They closed up like flowers once disturbed.  I swear we only did it once.  Or twice.  For science, not for fun.

 Then the day became even more beautiful. 

After breakfast we boogie-boarded and body-surfed until we were burnt to a crisp.  Even with SPF 70.  Live and learn. No pics, but picture 10 foot waves in glorious, punishing sunshine!


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