Our new home

We settled into our new home yesterday.  Good luck getting us out of it.

   Huge porch with two hammocks. Van says he can no longer go to sleep without rocking in a hammock first.  He’s been changed forever.
 Our welcoming committee.  These are white throated magpie-Jays.  Very beautiful, but I am convinced they are waiting to peck our eyes out when we sleep.
Lena requested Fanta Rojo at the market.  Little did we know it was a 3 GALLON jug.   We’ll let you know the long-terms effects of Red Dye #40.


2 thoughts on “Our new home

  1. Red dye #40 replaced red dye #2 back in the early 70’s, when the FDA decided #2 might be a carcinogen. Don’t worry about the dye, it’s the sugar with which you should be concerned!

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