Not much of a post today since I spent much of the day suffering from an unidentified stomach ailment. Also, the sunburn from our first day has barely abated so I still hurt.  I’ll spare you the pic of my shoulder. (The kids are fine stomach-wise.)

Seems ironic that I spent the morning rescuing exotic insects from the surf..  
…only to have the natural world turn on us.  The nasty magpie-jays ransacked our kitchen. 

And they left banana-y poops on our dining table.

Also, I found a whole sand dollar… …only to break it before getting back home.

We tried to rescue the afternoon by going on a 95-degree hike up the local hill.   Sounds relaxing, right?  That’s when we discovered the  vultures overlooking our lovely beach.

Bad omen. I hope they leave us alone tomorrow.

Still, it wasn’t a total loss.  Van learned how to track iguanas.

And we enjoyed the beautiful view.  We could see all the way to Costa Rica.


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