My happy place

I found it when we took a trail ride to a neighboring beach.

Lena loved being back on a horse and kept giving encouraging pats to her mare as they trotted along.

Van pointed out that this was his first time on horseback!

We road up and over a dusty road till we entered a rare green, forested green place.   Green trees brings two amazing things: shade and monkeys!!!  The guide called them Congo monkeys (have to look that up).  He said this year was hard on them because the drought was killing them off.

The remains of a dried up river was supplying the water to sustain this area.

Road ends in beach.


Peaceful and private

Just off the beach we noticed a strange campsite.

 A man lived here, and he seemed to have been here for some time.  He also seemed to be conducting some kind of business…selling clear liquid in small bottles to the guys the passed us on motor bikes.  Moonshine?  He seemed very friendly and gave us a hearty wave hello!


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