Last Stop: Laguna de Apoyo

It is a lake inside a volcano.  Inside a volcano.  A volcano!!!  Yes, I did spend the entire night wondering how I would rescue the children when it starts to erupt.  Cause that is how my anxiety likes to spend the last night of vacation.

A bonus volcano behind this volcano.


We stayed at a beautiful hotel built up along the steep interior walls.


 It was lovely to see the color green again after our time on the coast.



In the hotel’s restaurant, Lena practices camouflage and tries to blend into the mural.

We went kayaking and swimming on the lake before dinner and breakfast.

And we watched a procession of ants hard at work carrying leaves and flowers along a wall. 

The hotel kept all kinds of animals on the hotel grounds: parrots, macaws, geese, rabbits…Van asked the owner, the abuela, why she had so many animals there. She said simply, “because children love animals.” Then she pinched their cheeks and called them lindo chico and linda niña about a hundred times in a row. At least that is what Van said happened.

Van spotted a magpie-jay in the mural.


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