On the Road Again

I can’t stop taking pictures out the window of the car. There is so much to see and try to understand.

First, VOLCANOS!!!! So crazy to see them from almost every vista.  I caught a glimpse through a neighborhood on Lake Nicaragua.

Shaun indulged me by turning down one of the roads.  There was not one volcano in the lake, but two!

Mind blowing.  And the sky!!  Simply gorgeous.

Also notable are the wind turbines on the lake.  Such a modern backdrop to a rustic scene.

The Nicaraguan government aims to use 90% renewable energy by 2020.  Hats off to them.

Second thing to try to understand, the economy.  The poverty here is readily visible. Houses are made out of many different materials – tin, wood, cardboard, siding, brick, plastic.  The groupings of houses are sometimes very close together with livestock sharing the space.  We didn’t drive through many neighborhoods (though we did get lost a lot), and I am not sure if what we saw was indicative of all of Nicaragua, or just the region we were in.

A quick note: I was trying not to capture people in the photos I took, simply because I didn’t want to invade their privacy.  The people who show up in these pics were accidentally captured in iPhone “bursts” as we were driving quickly down the equivalent of a highway through the rural areas.   

Cattle seemed to be a big part of the economy.  This cattle drive was happening alongside the highway.

A shelter next to a fruit stand.  This family didn’t seem to have much to sell.


Third, transportation.  We saw everything from cars, trucks, motorcycles, scooters, bicycles, pedicabs, motorized pedicabs, horses, to wagons hauling people and cargo.  In both cities and in the country.  Wish I could have gotten pics of them all.

A chicken bus

We spent much of our time on the road behind chicken buses. These converted school buses are privately owned and each one is painted differently.  They are called chicken buses because livestock are frequently among the passengers.  From what I understand, they are the country’s “public” transportation.


This was our ride – a 4×4 pickup.  Shaun was in heaven.

Fourth, happiness.  I don’t have a picture to capture this, but it was something I thought a lot about as we roamed about.  Everywhere we went the people we met seemed warm and kind.  They’d return a wave, always with a smile.  They’d help us with directions and were very forgiving of our terrible attempts at Spanish and incessant requests to repeat information…not every place is like that. I liked it and it made me feel happy too.


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