Botanic gardens



Desert (he actually touched it and he yelled)

This week we went to the Botanic gardens in Dublin, Ireland.  We saw plants, animals, and beautiful gardens. We went into desert zones, rainforest zones, and just Ireland zones.IMG_2620

My favorite part was the Rainforest. I like it because it was humid. The rainforest was planted in a gigantic, glass greenhouse that had a man-made stream running through it.  The greenhouse must have been very expensive to build, especially because of all the curved glass.


We stayed by the Lake for a while to watch ducks and turtles.


After lunch we went into a courtyard made in a medieval style. It was a “Learning Garden” and it was run by a women who used to be an archeologist.  She told us there is only a 20-30 degree difference in temperature from summer to winter.  I thought it was cool.  She had created a raised pond and a raised bog garden.  I thought they looked really cool and I want to build one at home.  She said the bog needed to be watered only with rainwater.


Bog raised bed


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