Victorian Walled Garden

Yesterday we visited Phoenix Park in Dublin. In the park there is a walled garden.

A walled garden is a garden that is surrounded by a wall. The wall is there to protect the plants from huge winds. It also helps keep the garden warm during winter.

garden.png                                    The garden contains fruit, vegetables, flowers, and herbs. It is an example of what gardens would have been like in the mid-1900’s to the very early-1900’s. It would be used as a kitchen garden, and everything would be used in the house.


One thought on “Victorian Walled Garden

  1. Sounds like a great idea. Unfortunately passers-by will only see a wall. inside it looks beautiful and obviously produces useful items. I am considering walling in my garden – to keep rabbits out!!! We have had, we think, one rabbit for several years but it was cool to see him/her once in a while. This year, unfortunately, that habit must have found a suitable mate for now we have babies (one or two, we are not certain). Overtime I go out of my house, get out of my car….there it is. One day we looked out of the living room window and saw three mid-sized rabbits having a great time chasing each other, jumping over each other, running around the trees/bushes. I must admit we enjoyed that. HOWEVER, when my marigolds have been reduced to a stem and maybe a leaf or two, the sedem was half-eaten, the miniature rose is just a sick now. And the baby is about as big as Muffin was when I brought her home. I could hold her sitting in the palm of my hand. He’s cute but not so much now that he is damaging my garden. He needs to learn his allowed limits!!!!!

    We drove by a restaurant named the Keltic Kitchen, open for breakfast and lunch. It always has a line outside and as schools close and those on vacation multiply, the line gets longer. My question – what is a Keltic Breakfast? GrandDad says I probably would not like it. He thinks it would include limp bacon, baked beans, poached eggs and burnt toast. I am assuming he was kidding about the burnt part!

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