Lacey Lichen

Each time that we have gone to the beach, I’ve noticed an incredible bright gold lichen.

lichen.jpgLichen is a type of plant that grows on trees, rocks, anything. It is a type of fungi.

It covers 6% of Earth’s surface. Lichen can grow from hot, humid rain forests, to cold, harsh alpine forests.

Lichen can be used as a way to tell how long it has been since a landslide, or something like that, because, once fresh rock is exposed, lichen will grow on it. That is called lichenometry.

Lichen comes in many different colors, from our gold, to red, and green.

I love lichen because it can help us learn about the past. Also, it brightens up the gray Irish beaches.




One thought on “Lacey Lichen

  1. You never seemed to appreciate MY lichen. Maybe it were GOLD? The Cape Cod lichen is merely a pale, gray/light green. Yours is much more interesting!

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