Delicious Doughnuts

Today, we went to the Galway farmers market, in the Latin Quarter. We passed by Van and my favorite doughnut shop and we ate a doughnut each.

Doughnuts are thought to have been invented in the 1800’s. Hanson Crockett Gregory claimed to have made the doughnut when he was sailing on a ship in 1847. He never liked that in the center, the dough would always be raw. So he punched a hole through the center of the doughnut with a tin pepper box, then taught his mother the technique later on.

Our favorite doughnut shop is owned by a man people call Danny the Doughnut man. Everyday, he bikes his doughnut stall to the market where he sells his mouth watering doughnuts for 80 cents. You can get them coated with plain sugar, cinnamon, or cocoa. My favorite is cinnamon and sugar coated doughnuts. Van likes plain sugar.


Van and I with our doughnuts

FUN FACT! – Danny makes his own clothes!

Ireland has 4,978 doughnut shops in Ireland, yet none of them are Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme. This is strange to me, because they are all over England.

I don’t have an explanation for this, except that those are American chain restaurants. But, Burger King, McDonalds, and many other fast food places are in Ireland. If you have another explanation, please comment and tell me.



2 thoughts on “Delicious Doughnuts

  1. Speaking of McDonalds…. my question – do they sell lobster rolls over seas i.e. Ireland? Today was the first ad for lobster rolls at McD’s that I have seen. I had to try one last summer, just because I was surprised it was even on their menu. I was very pleasantly surprised. For the price (8.99 last year) it was a great lunch. This week I will see if inflation has hit the lobster roll market!!!!

  2. There is actually McDonald’s in Colombia, too. The one that we knew of was very nice and classy, unlike some in the US. I guess American chains sometimes go worldwide!

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