Black Swan in Galway!

Everyday that we have walked down to the beach, we spot a beautiful black swan swimming and eating along with all of the other white swans.

The black swan is thought to have swam to Ireland from England. Others think that she swam from Australia or New Zealand. I think she came from England, because black swans were brought to England as ornamental birds. So, some probably escaped and mated, starting a group of swans (which is called a bevy).

Black swans are native to Australia and New Zealand, but during the 1800’s, the swans in New Zealand were hunted to extinction. They were reintroduced in 1860.

When black swans are born, they are a grey-ish white, then when they grow feathers the feathers are white. The cygnets (baby swans) molt in July-August. During those months, they turn black. During that time, they will be unable to fly for a month.

The black swan adds even more beauty to the swan bevy of Galway. Sadly, she will have to leave soon, for black swans only mate with their own kind.swan, black.jpg





2 thoughts on “Black Swan in Galway!

  1. What a sight! At first glance at the picture, the black swan blended right into the water. That had me wondering – why both sending a picture of white swans when the paragraph was about BLACK swans. Then I looked closer….hope there are other black swans nearby. Does this one know the rule about only mating with your own species????

  2. Thanks for the picture. I’ve never seen a black swan! As for swimming from Australia, I rather doubt it. Ireland and Australia/New Zealand are practically antipodes!

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