Words, human evolution, and avenues

IMG_6854.jpgThe past few days, after my camp, my mom and I walked along the beach trail that turned in to a forest trail. The trail turns in to an old avenue. I asked myself what an avenue was. Because, today streets are called drive and lane, but they actually aren’t drives and lanes.

A drive is a long winding road that has its routes shaped by its environment. A lane is a narrow road, often found in the country, or a rural area. I live on Preston Drive, which is strait and has a man-made shape. In Mary Poppins, the Banks family lives on 17 Cherry Tree Lane, which is in the city and has many houses along it.

I decided to look up what an avenue was. It sounds like the kind of place where a bunch of rich people ride in their fancy carriages with coachmen to a royal feast. Turns out, an avenue is a road with trees on both sides.

I started wondering about all of the words whose meanings have changed, and that reminded me of human evolution.

First, we all started as hairy gorillas, who killed animals with rocks, and lived in caves or trees. Then we found fire, and we got braver, and less hairy because we could warm ourselves with fire. Finally, after millions of years we became who we are now.

We are like words, we change. Our opinions, our minds, and our bodies have changed over millions of years. Also, like words, we are all different. Everyone has a synonym, someone who is kind of like them. Everyone has an antonym, someone who isn’t like them at all.

I think that words remind us of who we are, as humans.


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