Afternoon tea #2


The other day we went to a tea shop called Cupán Tae. It serves afternoon tea.

Afternoon tea is like a fancy snack with tea. It has scones with jam or butter, clotted cream, finger sandwiches, and little cakes.

Afternoon tea was introduced to Britain in the 1840’s when Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford, was said to complain about getting hungry in the late afternoon. During that time people only ate breakfast and dinner. The solution for the Duchess was to have a pot of tea and a light snack in the afternoon. Anna started inviting friends to join her. The afternoon tea was then moved to the drawing room, instead of Anna’s private quarters. Other hostesses picked up on the idea, and soon enough everyone was nibbling tiny sandwiches and cakes.

My favorite part about afternoon tea is the clotted cream. Clotted cream is a thick, heavy, smooth, and unsweet whipped cream. Afternoon tea is really fun because it feels like you are taking a step back in time.


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